Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 codenamed "Fiji"

Below is information on the upcoming Vista Service Pack 1, due out in 2007.


From Microsoft: Longhorn Server RTM/ Windows Vista SP1 RTM
Second half of 2006/first half of 2007 (Client RTM + 6 to 9 months)

GPMC Integration

-GPMC is the one-stop shop for managing Group Policy (has been our recommendation for almost 3 years)

-Why Integrate GPMC Into The Operating System? The perception is…
-“It’s just a little utility”
“Great, but it’s not part of the Operating System”
“What’s GPMC?”

-Will be available on client and server – no need to download/install

-No major feature updates; Just bug fixes and localization

-Some feature updates will be available in “Longhorn” Server (Vista SP1)



Mark Williams [MSFT] (Expert):
Q: hey guys.., I have a quick question... is there any search feature we are providing to search for any of group policies in the machine... i believe there are more than 1800 policy configurations being deployed
A: Short answer is no - for Windows Vista. But... We are planning significant functionality in the Longhorn Server / Vista SP1 timeframe. We'll have search, filtering, comments and "templates". By the way, we'll be above 2,400 policy settings in Windows Vista so I do understand the value in this :-)


Roadmap Q3 2007:

Windows Live Media Center codenamed "Nemo" - It’ll be a long beta, spanning at least 6 months until it’s released - probably nearer the Vista SP1/Longhorn Server launch



Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1, codenamed "Fiji") is due in late 2007 alongside Windows Longhorn Server, as is the next version of Windows Media Center, though Microsoft is still not sure how they'll ship that latter upgrade. Vista SP1, despite the name, is going to be a major upgrade: It will include a new version of the Windows kernel (version 6.1), bringing Vista up to date with the changes Microsoft is baking into the next Windows Server version.

As for Windows Vista R2 (codenamed "Vienna"), I think it's safe to say that the calm and calculating hand of Steven Sinofsky will ensure that this and other future Windows versions will arrive on schedule and be evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, upgrades. Sinofsky's record with Microsoft Office is as clear as it is successful, and there's little doubt he'll have a positive effect on the Windows Division.



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